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This is email communication between i2gpostcard and the i2g/G1E
attorney David Koerner...
Secret emails Here... Product Dception
i2g attorney David Koerner tries to sell products as emails state that do not
belong to i2g See here

Rick Maike states he has EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to MLM the
product Songatergram Listen here..

Sonstergram email statement below...
I2g CAN NOT market Songstagram VIA MLM!

From: Mark Babbitt []
Sent: May-07-14 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: Cease and Desist

Hello Bill,

Infinity 2 Global has unfortunately given the wrong impression that they own, created, or have a partnership with Songstagram. While the two companies do have a relationship, I2G is not allowed to present Songstagram as a part of the company or suggest that Songstagram is in any way an MLM. We want people to use our product, and we appreciate the enthusiasm that many of the i2G distributors have for the product, but presenting our company as a part of the I2G opportunity is simply not a part of our agreement. We ask that you please remove any part of your site that mentions Songstagram or Songstergram, and we apologize again for the misinformation. If you have any further questions please feel free to email me at or call me at 818-322-3455 ex 2.Thank you.


Mark Babbitt letter tells IBOS not to talk about Gambling
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Here is Rick Maike saying not to talk about gambling in a VIDEO!!!
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